Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miann's Falsehood

Miann Scanlan of the blog Fashion Falsehood describes herself as a stress head who thrives off iced coffee and deadlines. I, on the other hand, would describe her as the fashion prodigy behind a growing website and brand. When I interviewed her last week she told me she favored Grace Kelly over the most amazing Audrey Hepburn. Oh dear! I guess I can let this one slide for now. This is what else she had to say about Fashion Falsehood, her wardrobe and quiting smoking.

1. What inspired you to create "Fashion Falsehood"?
"I like sharing things. If I find a great garment or read an interesting article, I'm not the type to keep it all to my self. As for the name? "Falsehood" is kind of like trickery or tomfoolery. I see dressing the body as our way of telling every body who we are. So in that sense, by changing our style we can change the identity we communicate through our appearance and trick people into thinking we're someone we're not. Hence, Fashion Falsehood."

2. Who is Miann Scanlan? How would you describe yourself?
Miann Scanlan is a stress head. If I'm not stressing, I'm asleep. I thrive off stress. Looming dead lines and multi-tasking keep me going!

3. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?
Probably my nude Bianca Spender blazer, or my Black Milk sheer strap leggings. Actually I love my new Evil Twin Captain Jack kaftan after finally tracking it down! Can I add my Sam Edelman Zoe wedges too?

4. Who are your from-day-to-day style icons?
I have no real style icon as such. In stead I look to blogs like Jak&Jil for inspiration where the focus is all in the detail. It's where I pick up the quirky micro trends. For example at the moment I'm super obsessed with fluro-green nail varnish. Perfect for injecting a hint of colour into a monochromatic colour palette.

5. Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly?
Grace Kelly. One time when I was younger, this old lady chased me down in the mall just to tell me I looked like Grace Kelly. She was so sweet.

6. What do you do to keep healthy?
I quit smoking!!!! Literally a month or so ago. I've never felt better.

7. Where do you like to shop in Brisbane?
From my bedroom. I buy pretty much everything online unless there's something specific I need, I don't tend to "shop" as such.

8. What sort of coffee do you have?
Iced coffee, no ice cream/cream. Just ice. Delicious!

9. A confident woman will always...
"...leave the house feeling 100% comfortable in their own skin. She won't sacrifice flattering her body shape for the sake of being a slave to trends."

10. Your greatest fashion faux pas of all time?
Horizontal AND vertical stripes.... at the same time!!