Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rock that pretty face

Having been obsessed with fashion, style, and the comings and goings of different fads, I have come to realise that each and every winter designers bewilder us with storm clouds of black, grey and purple. This year was no different, though we may have made an addition with shades of mustard yellow. The leaves fall from the trees and the colour falls from our wardrobes. Black opaque stockings become the norm and black eyeliner becomes the way of defining ones style; you either wear it, or you don't. Neutral accessories grace the catwalk but they will never be as popular as a pair of black skinny leg jeans. So what does Spring have to offer? The Spring/Summer season is a refreshing break from head-to-toe black. I believe you that pastels are going to be your best friend this Spring/Summer, but I'm not just talking Cutesy pastels. These pastels have attitude; with different shapes, patterns and bold accesories you can rock pale pink without feeling like a child. Don't forget that feminine touches also add to pastels; think flowers, bows and pearls. Oh, and you don't have to go all pastels; add white, brown or denim to tone it down.

Dotti Dress
Rubi Shoes Wedges
Valleygirl Scarf (worn as tie)
Forever New Gloves
Diva Hoop Earrings (worn through out)

Cotton On Shirt
Valleygirl Shorts
Joanne Mercer Heels
Groove Umbrella
Dissh Necklace

One Teaspoon Top
Dotti Shorts
Temt Bag
Target Flower

(1st image) -
Dotti Dress & Hat

Makeup Artist Perfectly Beautiful Makeup Artistry
Sarah Gibson