Friday, October 8, 2010

A touch of rain makes my heart sing

There are currently Mushrooms growing in my side yard at home. Shooting this sequence of photos made me feel like I was in a fairy garden. The flower I am holding is not a real flower, but a lovely Annan scented piece that I bought from Loot Homewares. I love how the rain has made the grass such a lovely rich green and serves as a reminder that Summer is not here yet, thanking the heavens!

I feel as though you need to make use of what you have when organising an outfit. For example, I wear short shorts because I am proud of my legs, whereas I don't have the clevage other women are blessed with so I don't accentuate my chest. For day, it is often the principle of 'show legs, or breasts', don't show too much flesh. Keep the boys guessing. You may have, as I have on certain occasions, broken this rule - music festivals, holidays by the beach, steaming hot days (I did this last week when the heat was off the radar!) - but generally stick to the rule as a guideline. Our mothers may be old fashioned about mini skirts and low cut blouses, but they have their reasons. You don't have to be conservative; I choose not to be when I'm dressing casually - but you should keep the limited flesh rule in mind.

Mink Pink Khaki Shirt
Dotti Black Under-Shirt
Temt Denim Short Shorts
Rubi Shoes Wedges
Diva Peace Bracelet
Lovisa Snake Ring
Wallace Bishop Gold Necklace
Loot Homewares Annan Flower