Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage just got easier

Ever read an article on vintage and thought, "that's so cool, im going to own vintage" and decided to go to Vinnies, only to leave with a disappointed frown because there was nothing there that had any substance of 'style'. If you still like the idea of clothes from a different era, but don't need the hassle of sorting through grandma jackets and children's playsuits, to get it... this is the thing for you.

Melissa Putland searches the Op Shops of Australia and New Zealand to find the pieces that can be brought back from fashion death; the pieces many of us would actually LOVE to wear. Her online vintage clothing house Bones Lie launches tomorrow and I am ever so excited to see the pieces she has found for us to induldge in. Before you all rush to get your mastercards out to use, check out what Putland had to say when interviewed about vintage, fashion and "Bones Lie".

1. How does "Bones Lie" work?
Basially I scout op shops from Australia and New Zealand for wearable and fashionable clothing. Most generally need altering to make them modernised but some are amazing just as they are.

2. What do you consider to be vintage?
I know the meaning of vintage varies significantly amongst the fashion world but in this case it's generally just pre-loved. Something that has a story and a history with another person roaming the earth.

3. Where do you see "Bones Lie" heading?
Well I plan to conquer the world haha so that would be nice... but obviously I just hope that people love what they see and are happy with their purchases. I'm aiming to change people's view on vintage and prove it's not all sequins and electric blue.. it can be much more wearable and trendy.

4. What sort of girls do you think "Bones Lie" targets?
The site really accomodates for all styles due to the nature of vintage but the general feel of Bones Lie is grungy and simple....alot of raw edges with an androgynous feel as alot of the items can be worn by both Guys and Girls.

5. What was your inspiration for "Bones Lie"?
Simply just the fact that people love op shop clothes.. they just don't have the time to find the cool stuff or can't envision it being wearable. Often a little bit of tailoring/altering can make something completely different and wearable.

6. What is your previous experience with fashion?
I've done styling for online stores and written style articles for magazines, spoken at fashion events and blogging here and there.

7. When you think of "Style" what comes to mind?
Being yourself. Staying true to what you know and love and whatever makes you comfortable.. It's not always about trends or money, It's a combination of self expression and individuality.

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