Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Dissh too nice for your breakfast

The line of boutiques 'Dissh' seem to be all the rage this Summer. With new stores at Mount Ommaney and Chermside it's expanding quickly and has just risen to my exclusive "favourites" list. I got the lovely privledge to interview Annika of Dissh Stores to find out just what Dissh is all about this season and what it is like to work for the latest craze.

1. What is on the radar for Dissh this season?

This season is all about a new kind of boho. Think tan, floral, and khaki teamed back with your chunky wedges or boots and stacks of bronze accessories. It's all about maxi skirts, maxi dresses, capes and denim cut offs. Layering is key! And don't forget your canvas sling bag and a pair of aviators. This summer is going to be beautiful! Pastels are everywhere and everything’s so pretty and girly. It’s a different boho to what we saw a few years ago. This season is more about crochets and floral. It’s a little bit mixed matched but in a way that makes it pretty.

2. What sort of girls do you think Dissh targets?

The Dissh girl is fashion forward, style conscious and trend aware. She knows the latest looks but wants something that she’s going to be able to adapt to her own personal style.

3. When you think of "Style" what comes to mind?

My fashion and Style Icon is Edie Sedgwick, she was, is, and always will be truly amazing! Anyone who can rock a pair of black stockings and make them iconic is a true superstar!

I think ‘style’ isn't just about knowing what's in fashion or what the latest trends are. To have style you need to know how to put outfits together with creativity and imagination. It’s about knowing how to put two pieces together that don’t necessarily go, but somehow making it work! Style is individual, you can’t just copy what’s going on in magazines or on the runway, your need to know how to adapt these looks to your own style and give them something extra! It’s about confidence and experimentation.

“Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal” Yves St Laurent

4. How does Dissh source the product that we see in the boutique?

We have a very hard working buying team who are constantly sourcing new looks and trends from various outlets. We choose product from many indent and stock labels as well as developing our own in house labels Blurr and Pixie Lovers. We are all constantly looking for inspiration in magazines, websites, television and at least one of us is always over seas!

5. What is it like to work in such a fashion forward environment?

It’s fantastic you never know what each day is going to bring! Something is always happening and there is always a million things that needed doing yesterday! You have to pay attention and constantly keep your eyes open, because in today’s fast fashion industry it’s so easy to miss the next big thing! We work hard, but we have a lot of fun along the way!