Friday, November 26, 2010

The Exclusive Treatment

I was one of those girls in high school that had an almost flawless complexion, and my only real body issues were my inability to gain weight and my lack of breasts. Now I’m finding as I grow older the spots are beginning to appear on my face and the stress of adulthood is only magnifying them. Not only this but, as is a curse in my family tree, spider veins are beginning to show on my legs! Horrified by what is happening to me and at one point contemplating some sort of facial transplant I was saved by Affinity.

Affinity IPL is a laser clinic which specialises in treatments for permanent hair reduction, photo rejuvenation, along with acne and spider veins. The appearance of spider veins on my legs is so miniscule it would be irresponsible to have them treated already, thus they shall be treated at their peak. I give it five years. So how did Affinity save me?

Well it was first and foremost from a specialised treatment they offer called an “Intraceutical hyperbaric infusion” or for use of a better term “oxygen infusion”. These are available in the clinic as treatments for wrinkle reduction, skin hydration, age management and acne; by using different serums depending on the problems encountering your skin. After my Oxygen Infusion, with a serum with targeted acne, my skin was so much plumper, softer and SO clean! I must admit I did not wear makeup for several days, and what's better is there are no needles involved, just pure oxygen and serums washed into your skin.

These oxygen infusions have gotten rather popular over the past couple of years as more and more celebrities are admitting to having the treatments done, including Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria. Yes, men have these done too and why shouldn’t they? They get break outs and wrinkles as well. It’s becoming more and more acceptable for men to get spray tans and suit up daily, so why not soothing facials too?

The clinic also offers chemical peels, eye lash extensions, fake tanning, and of recent bridal/formal makeup as well. Affinity’s new makeup artist Sarah Gibson offers an inexpensive makeup service through the clinic; not only can you have your skin looking clean, clear and bronzed, you can have the face to match. Toni & Diana (the women behind the clinic) are specialised in the particular treatments they offer; this does not include waxing treatments, being a laser clinic. To add to the amazing things Affinity has for you, there are also products available at the clinic that you won’t find down at your local pharmacy, such as ASAP beauty products (cleansers, moisturisers, tanning solutions) and Emani mineral makeup. I haave always purchased some ASAP beauty products for my daily beauty routine.

Affinity, located on Cleveland street, Stones Corner, is easy to reach but out of the City Centre so it’s not too busy and has a nice, clean, personable vibe. I felt like I was a special patient in this exclusive environment and unlike other places I had been previously my appointment was on time.

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