Thursday, November 11, 2010

The morning after

I am not saying you should all just go gallabanting around in your underwear after a hard night out on the town; but there are ways to be sexy and stylish even if you haven't been home since you left for predrinks. Personally I have been sober for over six months and plan on staying that way because I feel it's a healthy life decision for me. In saying that, even I get stuck in this situation.

You went out, partied hard (even if you didn't drink) and went home to a friend's place spontaneously only to wake up the next morning with unbrushed teeth, bed hair, panda eyes and in many cases a spliting head ache. So many of my girlfriends have pleaded with me to find out exactly what prevents the grose factor of the morning after, and hence I have (by both roadtesting and researching).

First and foremost, you need to keep hydrated all the time, not just when you're going out. Drink plenty of water, juice and lie low on the caffeine. Coffee is the worst thing for your hydration and not only can it give you head aches it can also dry out your skin and leave you looking dull. Oh, and don't get me started on energy drinks! Terrible ways to fizzle your body out after partying it up.

You need to also make sure you are not only drinking water but cleaning your face both morning and night. Wash off all your makeup before bed. I know it is one of the last things you think about when going to a friends place after a night out but you need to try to get all your makeup off. The only foundation that won't seep into your pores and cause you to break out is mineral makeup; keeping in mind this means COMPLETE MINERAL, not mineral based. My favourite is Body Shop's range of eco friendly Mineral Powder that only contains four ingredients (all minerals of course).

Secondly, I can not stress enough about the morning after hair! I say there are two ways to go if you do not have product or the equipment to fix it the way you desire. You can either throw it up in an effortless ponytail (high is the go this summer) which requires only a hair tie or an elastic band of some sort. If you're at a guy's place I'm sure he would have a rubber band or something similar lying around. Rubber bands can be bad for your hair but one day won't hurt. If you are really worried about it take a hair tie around with you or keep one in your bag. I usually have one around my wrist just in general, and I mean almost all the time! If a ponytail won't work, and you have product in your hair from the night before, get amongst the bed hair look and puff it up 80s style. There is nothing sexier than Kate Moss just-out-of-bed hair.

Thirdly, mix your outfit up to give it a freestyle vibe. Our style icons have perfected the effortless thrown together hobo look, now you can and no one will know if it's a fashion statement or you actually did just get out of bed. If you have sunglasses throw them on but if you don't just alter your outfit a little bit. Borrow a shirt, it doesn't matter if it's a girl's tank or a heavy business shirt from your man.

As for the stench that nature has to offer pack a sample of perfume when you go out to hit the town, or if you happen to forget this there's always something around. Men's deodorant can be so sexy on a woman in a white shirt and last night's heels, or a girlfriend's perfume to make you more city ready. Ke$ha talks about rinsing her mouth with a bottle of jack, but on behalf of the person you end up sitting next to on the trip home please don't! Gum works wonders... pack some in your clubbing bag or if by chance you forget or run out - buy some asap the next morning! Strawberry Extra would have to be my favourite morning after breath refresher. Whatever you do don't borrow someone else's toothbrush. If you need to brush so much a touch of toothpaste on your index finger goes a long way.

All I can say now is, save the evening antics for the eve of a day off. These tips may be helpful but they won't help you in getting that promotion at work. So go forth and embrace the morning after, just like you enjoyed the night before.

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