Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surf Friendly Shopping

There is one stressful task at the start of each summer season for all the ladies out there; swim suit shopping. Some are lucky enough to use the same suit for two or three seasons but, most of us, have the tortuous job of shuffling through racks, choosing pieces and then trying them on in front of unflattering mirrors, under bright lights, or in front of a pushy sales assistant.

So how do you get a new bathing suit stress free? Who do you bring with you? What pieces are in this season? How much of my bum should I show?

These are just some of the questions girls are asking at the moment. My first point of call is who you need to bring with you. Under no circumstances are you to go swim serious suit shopping alone! You'll be left alone with fluorescent lights or a pushy sales assistant who will make you buy the lime green turtle neck full piece! Disaster! I recommend that you bring your sister, best friend or even your mother with you. Leave the boyfriend at home.

So what is hot this season? A lot of geometric prints, embossed detailing and embroidery, as well as cutesy florals! For full pieces don't go overboard on prints, and for bikinis look for detail. Also, a classic black swim suit is probably the most versatile choice.

When you're set with your swim suit shopping assistant and an idea of what you are looking for set out to the shops. When shopping for suits last week my friend found the girls at Sunburn at Chermside Westfield to be both very helpful and full of knowledge on the pieces they had in stock. My favourite swim suit brands are Nookie Beach (now stocked at Princess Polly), Seafolly (stocked at Sunburn), Rusty (City Beach), Billabong (City Beach) and Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins (stocked at Myer).

I strongly suggest that you wear a gstring to your fittings and when choosing pieces to try, consider trying both seperates and sets. I find that most girls are talk to are one size on top and another on bottom. It also depends on how big your boobs are, the size of your hips and how much of your bum you plain on making public. Do you wear board shorts or just your swim suit?

In the change room jump up and down to make sure you have enough support and that the suit won't slip off. If one piece fits (bra for instance) and the other doesn't, ask the sales assistant if you can mix and match sizes; many places will do this for you.

Finally, once you have found a sexy swim suit to wear out, make sure you slip, slop, slap. The straw hat is having a moment right now, as is tinted moisturiser; make them work for you.


Sea Folly
Nookie Beach