Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010's Addiction

Tomorrow night as the clock strikes twelve, I will wish 2010 goodbye, along with the rest of the world's population. 2011 waves at me at the other end of this, now quite short, tunnel, and I reach for it. So many opportunities, so many surprises and so many new things to experience wait for me at the other end of that tunnel. 2011 is going to be huge for myself, and for Fashion's Sweethart. Parties, new Designers, Catwalk Events, Beauty Expos and trips interstate, I can hardly wait!

Though now, as I turn and look back at where I have come from I see that 2010 was just as full and lively as 2011 teases to be. So much has happened over the past twelve months, that I'm going to find it hard to fit it all (or at least the most interesting parts) into this one posting. Never-the-less I am going to attempt to do so.

Career Woman
With Fashion's Sweethart Part One wrapping up in 2009, 2010 was the year that New Addiction was born. In March the blog was brought back to life and over the next few months I wrote daily postings about fashion, beauty, style and Brisbane events. In August I campaigned for Jeans for Genes Day and began working for Mirror Mirror Agencies Marketing Team to get them up and running. Mirror Mirror launched officially in September and my contract with the company came to a close. I started an Internship with Ig'zist Fashion Marketing and PR firm which will be continuing until late February. Fashion's Sweethart was with me through all of this and as a result of Fashion's Sweethart, I had the chance to...

Work with some of Brisbane's most sort after makeup artists, photographers and models. Out of a team of twenty or so makeup artists and photographers, I chose a team to lead the photo shoots of New Addiction. Sarah Gibson and Kathryn Rose made me realise that purple lipstick is my favourite beauty product! Kassidy Yang edited tears onto my face as part of an Alice in Wonderland inspired photo shoot. Jarrad Lewis managed to edit a whole photo shoot in the time it took me to drop him off at his house and get back to the office. Allanah Hockam photographed me for Third Eye Photography in both Queensland and New South Wales.

I have been so so lucky to work with these people, and to meet some of the most amazing people who have so much to offer to this industry. I reviewed events such as Frock It, Threaded's Universal Fashion Show and the For Us By Us premiere. Fashion's Sweethart worked with Dissh. I did interviews with stores including Bardot and Princess Polly. Rumi Le Nora of Fashion Toast liked us on Facebook! I was indulged by Affinity IPL for a company review and thus was introduced to the most amazing tinted moisturiser I've ever experienced. New Addiction brought forward the FS Happiness Campaign in August & A Compliment Every Hour in November.

Music, Movies, Television, Books
I'm not a big Television person but this year I was glued to Desperate Housewives and Packed to the Rafters. I now own seasons one and two of Gossip Girl and I'm pretty sure I've watched them at last half a dozen times.

In February I made my way to the Gold Coast for the Good Vibrations Festival. It was fun, but concluded with me deciding music festivals weren't really my thing. Also, this year my taste in music changed in a way I could have never predicted. I still love listening to dance tracks, hip hop and pop but I've fallen in love with Post Hardcore and Punk and now list Bullet for My Valentine and A Day to Remember amongst my favourite bands. Linkin Park still remains top dog though, and I had the chance to see them live in December! A-MAZ-ING!

Audrey Hepburn remained my screen siren and idol. I think my relationship with Audrey Hepburn only cemented more in 2010. I just can't stop loving Sabrina and Roman Holiday, they are the most beautiful movies ever made. Classics! I ventured to the cinema to see films such as the disappointing Sex and the City 2 and the amazing Inception and Eat Love Pray. Finally, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland inspired me in more ways than one.

I read the amazing Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'urbervilles for a third time. Managed to read three Jane Austen novels and fell in love with the classic Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov which I read twice. I tore through several history books and gave up on Frankinstein.

The theatre is one of my all time favourite things to do, so in 2010 I made it to Mamma Mia, AIDA and a modern adaption of Romeo & Juliet at QUT. I missed out on Fame tickets; such a shame.

Kicking the booze
In April 2010 I made a life altering decision. Not only did I stop drinking high energy drinks, I kicked alcohol! After being so sick and tired with my extreme case of Iron Deficient Anemia I decided to stop drinking alcohol all together. In September my doctors stopped me from drinking coffee for two weeks, but my body found this more difficult than kicking the drink, so I was back on coffee straight away. Other changes in diet ocurred and now I feel so fit and healthy, after joining a gym and working with a trainer and dietitian on-going for three months.

A love of taste
I discovered the greatest juice ever! Extra Juicy's Apple, Strawberry & Guava blend. Green & Black Organic Chocolate became my favourite treat and I developed a taste for Greek salad. Caramel Latte remained my coffee of choice, and when the mornings were early and chilly Hot Chocolate saved me; in a cute little thermos from Typo. My favourite places to eat out were Sings at Coorparoo and Montezumas at Upper Mount Gravatt. I went to High Tea at the Sofitel Brisbane and spent many an afternoon at Top Sushi in the Brisbane CBD.

Tour Guide
2010 wasn't the year for travel. I was much too busy, though when I had the time, and the money, I was high heeling it down to Coffs Harbour and up to the Sunshine Coast. Visited: Adelaide, Coffs Harbour x 3, Caloundra, Southport. Next year I am heading to Melbourne, Sydney and back to Coffs Harbour. It's going to be fabulous!

Spoilt Fashionista
This year was certainly the one for the lavish parties, catwalks, and gifts. Amongst my many presents, my favourites of the year were; a set of gorgeous pearls that I received for Christmas, a wall mount of a collection of photographs I was given for my birthday, a black lace dress I was given purely because "it looked good on me" and some stunning lacey underwear I was presented with recently.

My most coveted fashion trends and pieces of 2010 were black opaque stockings, soft ankle socks, straw hats, wedges, owl pendants, chain bags, dresses in all shapes and lengths, bright lips, long cardigans and high waisted shorts. I went blonde, after so many years of being brunette! On a side note; Flip Flops did not make it into my wardrobe, and I doubt they'll be making an appearance in 2011 either.

Looking back so much has happened and there is so much to be thankful for. Thank you to everyone who made 2010 so amazing and made it so memorable. I leave 2010 with very few regrets and move on to 2011. 2010 you have some competition, 2011 just may be even bigger than you!

Happy New Year Sweetharts