Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Clean Start to 2011

It's that time again; when another year comes to its end. New Year's Eve just happens to be one of the most celebrated nights of the year, full of intoxication, dancing and pretty dresses. So when you're planning your night, there are a few things you may need to consider. You don't want to be the girl in the short dress couped up in the corner, barefoot, with mascara running down her face. Here, I present you with the Fashion's Sweethart top ten tips to keep your good name for the commencement of 2011.

NYE Top Tip #1
If you want to prevent a hangover, drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages, and don't go overboard with the tequila shots.

NYE Top Tip #2
You can wear flats to a night out on the town. Avoid heels that you can't dance or walk in, and if you feel the urge to take your shoes you should probably sit down or go home. Barefoot party animals just aren't cool, not to mention it's unhygienic.

NYE Top Tip #3
The hair styles for this season include buns and hollywood curls. Big Bright Lips are the fabulous way to offset a matte base. Or strong smokey eyes with blue or black shadow.

NYE Top Tip #4
A drunken partner does not make for a sexy handbag. Look after your man's reputation, just as you do your own.

NYE Top Tip #5
Girls! There are only some instances where it is appropriate to wear a shirt as a dress, and there are only some shirts that can be worn as dresses. Get a second opinion before embracing this fad; and not from your sleezy male friends.

NYE Top Tip #6
When at a New Years Party take those opportunities that are made available to mingle with new people. Don't stick to one or two people the whole night. It's the perfect chance to make new friends and possibly new business relationships. Circulate the room!

NYE Top Tip #7
Save the Facebook Chat for home. Don't be on your mobile phone all night; it's not only making you appear impolite and anti-social, but as though you don't want to be there. One status update is all you need girls.

NYE Top Tip #8
If a hostess makes the effort to set a dress code, obey it! If it's dress up, the bare minimum is to appear as though you bothered. Formal dress code? Dress formally. Cowboys and Indians? Wear a cowboy hat! It's not that hard.

NYE Top Tip #9
Let them take your photo! If someone flatters you by requesting a photo of you, let them. Smile! The worst photos to surface over the next week will no doubt involve people in dire need of avoiding them (hands to camera, falling over when running away from photographer, etc)

NYE Top Tip #10
Think before you drink. Think before you kiss. Think before you drive. Think before you strip. Need I say more?

Kathryn Rose - MUA
Kassidy Yang <3 - Photo
Model - Monique Mary

Photographed at Garden City Beach House Bar & Grill