Friday, December 31, 2010

Colour it up by the pool

January and February are the warmest months of the year, and two of the most fashionable. This season opt for soft tailoring, bright prints and white cotton. The buttoned shirt is one of the hottest pieces to throw over a bikini by the pool, and head scarves are making a come back.

As for the maxi dress, big bold prints are the key to making a statement out of the water; dominated by aztec origins. Big chunky bangles are the perfect accessory to add to a crisp white or pastel outfit.

Colours? Summer is full of so much colour! Blue, Purple, Orange and Yellow are the statement colours at this time of year. Teal and purple nail polish will set off a fabulous summer ensemble; but make sure you keep them neat and tidy.

The most important thing to remember in summer is to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP. Whilst doing this pool side photo shoot yesterday I was silly enough to go without sunscreen. What a silly girl! I'm sun burnt, and we were only in the sun for a couple of hours. That's all it takes.

Remember your mother forcing you to wear that ugly cotton bucket hat when you were younger? Well, it's not an ugly bucket hat anymore. Large brimmed hats and cute straw hats are available almost everywhere from Forever New, to Dotti, to Temt.

A tinted moisturiser with SPF15 on your face applied in the morning, with an SPF30 on the rest of your body applied regularly throughout the day, should keep the sunburn away. Though in saying that, a sleeved kaftan never hurt anyone.

Photography - Allanah Hockam
Makeup - Kathryn Rose
Model - Keri-anne Murray