Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the set of Dissh for Fashion's Sweethart

This week Fashion's Sweethart got together with the girls from highly acclaimed Brisbane female store Dissh to bring you "Dissh for Fashion's Sweethart". Here is just a sneak peak of what happened behind the scenes, before we release the professional shots next week.

Claire in makeup with Kathryn Rose. Oh, it's a hard life being dolled up.

Model Aimee enjoys some lunch proving that models do eat.

Danielle being teased up by our hair stylist Kristylee.

The girls just can't stay away from the camera.

Some of the product we had to chance to wear.

Busy watching Aimee and photographer Kassidy work their magic.

Photographer Kassidy with the girls Danielle, Aimee & Claire

The team:
Wardrobe Stylist Annika Hein, Model Aimee Hardwicke, Makeup Artist Kathryn Rose, Model Claire Nada, Model Danielle Willett, Hair stylist Kristylee Parsons

Standing like coathangers for Annika to dress up

We walk about Mount Cootha in search of some sweet places to shoot,
and it starts.

The girls being cheeky while they wait for a go ahead

Keep an eye out for the Dissh lookbook for Fashion's Sweethart