Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas

Stacey, a nineteen year old from Queensland University of Technology lives for the days she can spend helping people and with family. This Christmas, she'll be spending the day working as a paramedic, to help those who stuff their face with two much turkey and need a little push in the right direction. Will it be as worthwhile as her Christmas in Germany? I do not doubt it for a moment. She has really found the giving side to Christmas and that is why Stacey is one of our nine Christmas Angels.

Stacey has joyful memories of Christmas as child, when her sister and she,

"...used to write our letter to Santa and leave him cookies the night before. As well as waking up in the morning to loads of Santa presents when I was young."

photo - Jarrad Lewis
makeup - Lauren Hess
hair - Sheri Vigers