Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Countdown: Christmas Sweetharts

It's the season for giving, for sharing, for eating too much and for drinking too much. So why not make the most of it? Too many people whinge about westfield carparks, lining up to be served, being pushed and shoved, but really, what else is Christmas shopping about? It's the atmosphere of giving to others and having all these people around you that are giving just like you. Sadly, many people are taking all the fun out of Christmas shopping by being pessimistic.

If you haven't started gift shopping already, like the majority of shoppers, then don't ask people what they would like; instead think of something that they would like. It puts a bit of extra care into this tradition. The other thing I'm seeing alot of is people buying for excessive amounts of people and getting upset because they don't want to buy for some people. I think if you don't have the heart in giving that person a gift, more than likely you shouldn't give them one. I kept it simple this year and only shopped for my family and my puppy.

I don't really remember the lead up to Christmas last year, all I know is I worked countless hours behind a register selling and wrapping presents. This year will be no different but I'm putting a positive spin on it. The pay I'm going to get to start off 2011 is going to be something worth dealing with frustrated customers and the anxiety of parents oblivious to their children running a muck. The Christmas music has already started in office buildings and shopping centres, and I must say I've introduced it here as well. The girls at Fashion's Sweethart may just know all the lyrics to the Glee Christmas album by the weekend.

The other day, someone asked me how I felt about Christmas and it got me thinking. I'm looking forward to Christmas like a small child, but not for the gifts or the food. I'm looking forward to a whole day devoted to my family. I won't be working or writing or organising anything for work. My laptop will be unused and I'll be relaxing with my small family at the holiday apartment we stay at on the beach. It will more than likely be a day of too much chocolate and copious amounts of watermelon, and finished by all of us crowded around a small television to watch a DVD that someone received that morning. My Christmas will be a relaxing break from the other components of life and that is just the way I like it.

So what is Fashion's Sweethart doing to countdown this lead up to Christmas? Over the next nine days I shall be introducing you to our 'Nine Christmas Sweetharts' for 2010; girls and boys who will share with you what Christmas means to them.