Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Picnic in the woods

While adventuring through one of my favourite parks in South Brisbane, could not help but feel this sense of self. The wind in my hair and the birds telling us twilight was on it's way, as I pranced between the tall trees and kicked the uprooted blades of grass. It was so green down there and I could lie there, on my back, watching the clouds for hours on end. This place reminds me of something I once saw in a fairy tale, when a child was taken into the woods by her fairy godparents to save her from harm until she turned eighteen. I'm no Sleeping Beauty but it would'nt be difficult to fall asleep on the beds of grass that lie right there.

Dotti Camisole
Temt Denim Shorts
Lovisa & Diva Rings
Rubi Shoes Wedges
Dotti Straw Hat

Photography: Jarrad Lewis
Makeup: Sarah Gibson