Monday, December 13, 2010

Stubborn Eyes

A few weeks ago Kathryn Rose & I participated in a photography workshop with Jay Romero Photography at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. This was also the first time I had the chance to pose alongside Danielle Willet. The makeup is big, bold and very Lady Gaga inspired. I love it!

The Makeup
I got a few strange looks as I walked through the city to get back to my car afterwards. The black lines around my eyes were so wide there was no point trying to hide them with a pair of sunglasses, so I had a quiet giggle to myself with each stare I got. Not to mention I was on my way to a business meeting, rubbing at my eyes with makeup remover wipes as soon as I reached my car. Luckily, in this business, people aren't all that surprised when you arrive at a meeting with smudged eyeliner across your face.

Cotton On Tank, Valleygirl Shorts, Supre Legwarmers, Wildfire Heels, Diva