Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I love Thursday: Inspired by G.D

So, the fabulous Gala Darling has been publishing a segment on her website each Thursday called "Things I Love Thursday" for as long as I can remember. It's only been recently however that she has asked her readers to follow suit and produce their own article describing what they are truly happy and grateful for. What do you love? It has sparked a little bit of conversation in the Fashion's Sweethart Office as I asked the girls what they loved.

Fashion's Sweethart Head of Makeup Kathryn Rose loves...

♥ My boyfriend ♥ My cat ♥ Eyeliner ♥ Bold, Bright and matte lips (new innoxa summer lip collection) ♥ My bed! (on these horrid rainy days) ♥ Le tan in Le can ♥ Bows and hearts! ♥ Ballet flats= complete comfort! ♥ Insect repellent!
I am so sick of mozzie bites!! ♥ Winter ♥ That bow dress that Danielle wore in the dissh shoot. I need!!!!! ♥

Fashion's Sweethart Makeup Artist Sarah Gibson loves...

♥ Shopping ♥ Gym ♥ Makeup ♥ Fashion ♥Friends and Family ♥ Dancing ♥ Movies ♥ Popcorn ♥ Fake Tans ♥ Partying ♥ Birthdays ♥ Redbull ♥ Music ♥ Festivals ♥ Martinis ♥

Fashion's Sweethart Resident photographer Allanah Hockam loves...

♥ Photography ♥ People watching ♥ Gigs ♥ Messy hair ♥ Hugs & Kisses ♥ Loud Music ♥ Long walks ♥ Old Photographs ♥ Vanilla & musk scented things ♥ Long nights with good company ♥ Cute texts ♥ Giggling with the girls ♥ New places ♥ Old Cameras ♥ Movie Nights ♥ Fairy lights ♥ Dreaming ♥ Holding hands ♥ Soft skin ♥ Fashion's Sweethart ♥

Fashion's Sweetharts newest addition, photographer Kassidy Yang, loves...

♥ I love photography, it truly overwhelms me when i'm shooting ♥ I love my family and friends they've been there by me this whole time ♥ My true inspiration is from my boyfriend Eddie Vue ♥ I love the fact that i can stay up all night editing photos ♥ I love it when others compliment me on my work. ♥ I love it that I am apart of this world and I'm living my life the way i want to. ♥ I love working with Fashion's Sweethart, it is an honour to work with such beautiful and AMAZING people ♥ I love that I am getting to meet new people, starting new friendships and working together ♥ I love my Korean dramas and music; they inspire me in so many different ways ♥ I love the fact that i am given this chance to write up an "I love" LIST ♥

Finally, what do I love this Thursday?

♥ Organising trips away ♥ Rumi Lenora's Fashion Toast blog ♥ Mary Shelly's Frankinstein ♥ Theatre Makeup ♥ Gossip Girl & Cashmere Mafia ♥ Zarrafa's Creme Caramel ♥ Sushi Trains ♥ Last Friday's Linkin Park Concert ♥ Lounging in the Hammock ♥ My Personal Trainer ♥ Surprise Gifts ♥ My team at Fashion's Sweethart ♥ Reading up on Ancient Rome ♥ Dancing ♥ Calvin Klein Underwear ♥ My dog Mia Louise ♥ New Bags ♥ French Fashion ♥ My Blonde hair ♥ Body Shop's range of Mineral Makeup ♥ my new tinted moisturiser from ASAP ♥ Audrey Hepburn; so much Audrey! ♥ Wax Melts ♥ Meditation and massages ♥ Dressing Up everyday ♥ Working with beautiful people, both inside and out ♥