Sunday, December 19, 2010

Universal gets Threaded

Last night I went to Threaded's Universal Fashion Party at Alhambra with Caroline of Makeup By Caroline. The night included a fashion parade of some of Universal Store's latest pieces and some pretty sweet outfits in the audience. The key trends in the crowd were lace, leopard print and sheer fabrics. Lots of chunky heels, wedges and boots as well.

The People of Threaded

The Catwalk for the fashion parade was in the centre of the dance floor, coming out from a side area covered by curtains for the people of Universal to prepare behind. The parade showcased several looks for both guys and girls (those below being my favourites) and had sales assistants from Universal Stores model the fashions.

It was an interesting sort of parade. As the models were not "models" they had a different vibe to them. They danced around to the music and laughed and smiled and embraced the tanks they were wearing. I was surprised one of them didn't do a cartwheel or something to that extreme.

The Clothes