Saturday, January 8, 2011

An arty sweethart ♥

A short stroll along Ann street with my glistening umbrella and I was there, in front of a picket fence which begged me to enter the older, antique looking queenslander. How do I describe the building of "Bleeding Heart", held in the old 'school of arts' building? It screams vintage glamour and by looking inside the building at it's small details and intricate nooks, it seems like it has somehow been reshaped and modelled for the purposes of today's generation.

Last Night, Bleeding Heart opened their "Vision of Division" which showcased art pieces depicting both film sirens such as Marilyn Monroe and creatures such as owls. As the exhibition continues until January 11th, the profits of the pieces sold from the collection will go to Paul Vogue; owner of Kill the Music who, after several store break ins, is in need of Brisbane's help to keep his business up and running. The artwork is inexpensive, starting at only $35 and it is definitely worth the price, if not more. I want to congratulate Amy Heycock on her prints of tattooed women, they were my favourite pieces.

The music, echoing my ties to the punk music industry, made me feel at home as I sat on a bench in the center of the gallery admiring the art works. Others were slowly rotating around the room, while sipping on a glass of wine. I love how the girls and guys were just so about the music and the art. Their fashion was just like the art they enjoyed, coated with a vast array of meanings.

A girl walked through the door with a "A bullet for my valentine" shirt on. I nearly hugged her, after all where else was I going to find someone in a shirt advertising one of my favourite bands? A concert perhaps, but not in my usual daily dealings with people surely. There was a lot of black lace, leopard print and draping materials.

I definitely enjoyed this exhibit and wish Paul
all the best of luck with "Kill the Music".

Gallery 166
Ann St
Brisbane City