Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Essential Man

This morning as she looks out of her office window and day dreams about tulle skirts, a paisley bikini and cooler weather, what also crosses her mind is a boy, who at first glance appeared to be of the most esteemed quality. A man who would most certainly hold the most distinguished company, and make a habit of ironing not one, but all of his shirts. A man who takes pride in himself, and his lovely girl.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the man I speak of is Fashions Sweethart's "ESSENTIAL MAN". A dream perhaps, a fantasy, but with each new day I see he actually does exist. Whether he is dressed in tailored shorts from Dirtbox or Angus Black, or, a stylish suit from Ed Harry or Elio Moda, trust me he is making a comeback.

The sexy beach boy obsession may be another fantasy playing on our minds, and in many women's beds, but a man of elegance does not go astray, not in this office and not on the streets. When surveying a group of young Brisbane women about where they like a man to shop, it was the elegant boutiques and brands that rang the bell.

Apartment, Fallow, Freesh Threads, Daniel Alexander, YD, Powerhouse, Tarocash... the desire for an "essential man" to be able to "Scrub up nice" becomes the pin point of a re-energising fashion scene. The elegance of hollywood sirens such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly is playing apon female fashion again, so why shouldn't men idolise people like Cary Grant and William Holden for their presentation?

There's just something about a man in a suit. Whether it's the idea that a man in a suit during the day makes alot of money, or that he takes himself, and his job seriously, I'm not sure. There could be men walking around the CBD in cheap suits purely to lure women in for all I know. For our sakes, let's hope not. Then again, at least he took the effort to dress nicely, right???

With the Gossip Girl fad capturing not only young women, but metro men as well, it's not surprising that men may choose to dress up once in a while. Throw on a pair of glasses, a scarf, or perhaps a tie askew. I'm proud to be in an area where this trend is flourishing. My "Essential Man" may just be in reach.

Makeup by Kathryn Rose
Photography by Kassidy Yang
Hair & Styling by Claire Nada
Male model: Zachary Zascada (MMA)

Clothing featured in shoot includes:
Claire: Forever New, Dotti, Lace by Selby Cait, Lovisa, Factorie,
Zachary: Y.D, Roger David, Saba & Just Jeans