Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The meanings of Yellow Love

Having stumbled across the term Yellow Love recently I couldn't help but find that even though it's only recognised by the 'urban dictionary' it is an interesting concept, and I find it to be very true of so many people I know. My idea of this term is that it is love between two people who are so different as a result of their age or religion, etc. There is something that prevents them from being completely together. They question their affair constantly. It is to never be completely in love, and to never fully experience the meaning of love.

"A curious journey towards love fostered by distance, age, experience, religion, and background. Often found sitting on benches in front of grocery facilities- drinking Arnold Palmers, questioning the existences of life and time. Their vitality teeters on the edge of reality. Periodically drifting in and out of waking life to endure the pains of longing."
-Urban Dictionary

If you are experiencing such a relationship, this valentine's day look at your relationship and see what is to be seen. You could be in love and not realise it. The world is a funny place, and whilst many look to material things to buy their loved one, this valentine's day question your romance and answer the lingering question of why it is so special. There is too much unrequited love in this world, yellow love may just be one more step towards happiness in your relationship.

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