Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Resolutions

2010 is here, not just at our door; but barging through the entrance to our lives (it is the 3rd afterall). So what are you going to do for 2011? To make it the most productive, amazing, most memorable year yet? There are these things, as you would probably know, called New Year's resolutions. Some people say they'll lose weight, other will go overseas and many will attempt to give up cigarettes.

As for me? I'll be focusing on staying bright and shining, like these gorgeous bow headpieces! I will be making an effort to remain positive and healthy; both mind and body, for the duration of 2011 and onwards.

I asked a few readers what their resolutions were and was pleasantly surprised. Rhiannon is going to focus on taking more fashion risks and embracing her long legs. Sarah plans to put herself first every once in a while, and Tracey will be making the weffort to not settle for anything less than what she deserves.

They say realising A New Year's Resolution that you will be able to achieve is a goal in itself. So many people look to change their lives in big ways, ways they can't control. The big changes happen throughout the year, but as life goes by, not because of some ridiculous resolution that structures everything. I like Rhiannon's ideas. She knows what she has to work with and she's prepared to work with it.

Photography - Jarrad Lewis
Makeup - Kathryn Rose
Model - Cassie E
Bows - Lincraft