Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surprisingly Humble: Aimee Hardwicke

In amongst the chaos of arranging chairs, trying to make a press board sit straight and giving security their instructions, I actually did meet some of the models from the Mirror Mirror Agencies Launch. One of the girls caught my eye, she wasn't the tallest of the girls but the arch of her back, and the tone of her skin, with those Bardot blonde locks tossed up into a messy top knot, pulled me in and I simply had to meet her. We spoke briefly, as it was merely a short introduction, and she was about to have her photograph taken, but it only cemented my idea of this soft delicate young woman. Aimee Hardwicke, was a blonde goddess, it was certain.

Months later, Fashion's Sweethart did our first shoot for Dissh, and as I was pulling a team together, I could not get this blonde figure out of my head. Luckily, Aimee is so approachable and down to earth it was so easy to contact her and she accepted the casting. When she showed up on set in November, she was dressed in vintage denim, a printed long sleeved shirt and a pair of the most amazing cream bohemian inspired boots. She introduced herself to everyone quickly and made polite conversation, talking about clothes, sport, and one of her favourite things; food. Yes, as surprising as it may be, this girl does eat. In fact she brought her own packed lunch on set, while the rest of us waited until after the shoot to go out for sushi. I was very impressed.

Now, as I sit here contemplating the times I have met Aimee and had the pleasure of working with her, it is suffice to say that she is unique in so many ways. She surfs, swims and works part time at a local ice-creamery. On Tuesday night, I interviewed the amazing model, and found out a little bit more about the girl when she's away from the flashlight.

1. You model for Mirror Mirror Agencies, when did you first take up modelling?
I think It was a bit over a year ago. My mum has a friend that is a photographer, so she set up a photoshoot for me and I just went from there I guess.

2. What do you like to do when you're not modeling?

I work in an ice-cream store on oxford J yum! And I just go to the beach, see friends, or go swimming in my free time, which is most of the time.

3. Who are your style inspirations?

I love Brigitte bardot! I know shes old school, but she was really beautiful. She was recognised for popularising bikinis in the early days. I also love Alexa Chung, her style is so effortless, it makes me jealous.

4. How would you describe your style?

I don’t necessarily go for a certain style.
If I had to say something probably beachy

5. What has been the greatest experience so far (in your modelling career)?

I actually really enjoyed the Dissh shoot that I did for your blog.
It was a great experience.

6. What are you enjoying right now in fashion?

Just summer fashion in general, its nice to be able to wear singlets and dresses again.

7. Who would you love to meet, model or otherwise?

Samantha Harris, she is so natural, and also an inspiration for every indigenous girl that wants to model.

8. Where do you get your own clothes from?

I love op shops so I go there whenever I can (best one is at acacia ridge!), my wardrobe has a little bit of everything I guess you could say, I just pick bits and pieces from everywhere

9. What does Aimee Hardwicke’s future look like?

I just graduated [from] my course of graphic design, so I would really like to have my own graphic design boutique and be living somewhere along the coast. I really would love to be living in a beach house.

10. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the present moment?

It's between two things; I have a pair of light denim high waisted shorts (from an op shop) that I where whenever I can, and the second would be my leotard from black milk, its a skeleton one and looks rather cool.

11. Winter or Summer fashion?

I do like winter fashion, it’s just the weather that turns me off, so I'm going to have to say summer. I’m more of a casual person, but its also nice to be able to wear dresses out at night and not be freezing your nips off!