Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tricks of the trade: Makeup

Every day we have amazing makeup artists applying to work on Fashion's Sweethart projects, and every day we get the same amount of emails asking me how we create particular makeup looks, and how to fix the trickiest of makeup problems. I try my best to answer these questions, but there comes a time that I need the professionals to step in. So here are four makeup artists number one makeup tips, ready to be used and reused by you guys.

"Don't be afraid to experiment with new colours. Refer to the colour wheel for eyeshadow combinations, ie. Yellow is across from purple. Use purple as a contour and yellow as a base. It looks hot.

Also, I do this one for myself all the time. Put one layer of mascara on your bottom lashes and three coats on the top. Give it a few seconds between each. It helps make your eyes appear bigger
and brighter."
...Lauren Hess

"If you wake up with red eyes after a big night, my number one tip is white eye liner. Apply it to the inner rim of your eyes and it makes them look fresh and ready for the day ahead." (you can pick these eye liner pencils up from most cosmetics outlets and pharmacies. Should be stocked with your regular kohl eye pencils.)

Second tip is if you're scared to wear lip stick out for the night and worried of the colour running, apply a neutral lip liner (to stop your colour from bleeding) followed by your lipstick, press your lips on a tissue then re apply. Repeat this step twice to create a stain on your lips so if your colour smudges off during the night your lips will always have the colour there, and it's just a matter of reapplying your lipstick when able."
...Hayley Sullivan

"After you apply your mascara, using a small angle brush apply black eye shadow to the root of your lash. This will get rid of any droppage and give you a clean black lash! Remember to put a tissue under your lashes while you do this so you don't get black all over your eyes."
...Rebecca Cook

"If you're trying to achieve that perfect 'cats eye' but your hands are too shaky, try using sticky tape or hold a piece of paper up against the lower lash line on an upwards angle and use it like a ruler so you have an even line."
...Hayley Whittle