Thursday, February 10, 2011

A peak at the Autumn Leaves

Finally the temperature will drop, slowly, slowly, slowly, until it is settled at a nice cool chill for winter. Whilst waiting for our favourite season to reappear layers become habit and open toed shoes disappear to make way for stockings and boots. Here I present to you Fashion's Sweetharts Autumn Sneak Peak. What will you be wearing in Autumn?

"Dresses with boots and stockings!" - Milekka
"Going to hunt down WHITE stockings!!" -Tegan
"Burnt orange and khaki mixed with lots of black!" - Rebecca
"Vintage YSL stockings, navy blue cape, and an aviator fur hat!! " - Taya
"Stockings with leather boots!" - Melissa

Outfit #1
Ally Coat
Forever New Stockings
Big W Shoes
Typo Thermos

Outfit #2
Dotti Cardigan
Valleygirl Shorts
Cotton On Scarf
Lovisa Headband
Lovisa Ring

Outfit #3
Bassoni Bra
Valleygirl Jacket
Temt Shorts
Supre Leotard
Dotti Scarf
Rubi Shoes Socks
Rubi Shoes Boots

Outfit #4
Bassoni Bra
Dotti Cardigan
City Beach Headband
Dotti Necklace

Outfit #5
Valleygirl Coat
Forever New Stockings
Lace by Selby-Cait Headband
Dotti Gloves
Ice Belt

Photography by Allanah Hockam & Makeup by Sarah Gibson