Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A perfectly beautiful Saturday

If you were like me as a little girl you would have been rifling through your mother's makeup purse, taking hold of the lipstick and making a big mess of your hands and face, whilst crumbling the lipstick in a miserable attempt to hide the evidence - because the red chin wasn't a give away at all!

Well last Saturday a group of young ladies had the chance to go through some new makeup, test out some products, and instead of being told they were naughty little girls, they were given some instructions as how to apply that thick juicy red lipstick. Sarah Gibson, one of our resident makeup artists, held our first beauty workshop at Affinity IPL at Stones Corner; demonstrating how to apply your makeup, and how to transform your look from day to night.

If you're interested in attending a beauty workshop with this amazing makeup artist, get a group of girls together and book your session. The next public session is on the 16th of March (more details soon), but if you would like to book a private session enquire through 0412905907. All ages are welcome.