Monday, February 21, 2011

Return of her procrastination

Claire Nada is going back to uni, for one semester, to complete her studies in history and communications. So what's on the cards? Juggling Fashion's Sweethart with study, business class, a new tattoo to celebrate graduation and more than likely spurts of procrastination.

What do we procrastinate with? Audrey Hepburn films, long walks with the puppy, dressing up, but most often work. Good luck with everyone going back at uni, remember that time to yourself is healthy whilst studying, or working. It is crucial to remain sane and strong throughout the semester and beyond.

Dotti Jacket
The Showroom Bodice
Cotton On Body Pants
Isabella Brown Heels
Lovisa Ring
Diva Earrings

Photographs by Allanah Hockam