Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charlie's wing woman

Online mag, Charlie Magazine continues to grow from strength to strength since its creation in 2010. Guest blogger, Jenna Henderson from Closet Writer was lucky enough to catch up with the busy Editor of Charlie Magazine, Katie Goss to talk about the inspiration behind the mag, her style icons and a few little sneaky hints on what we can expect to see from Charlie mag in the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Katie…

I’m a fashion loving journo, who loves coffee, reading and travel more than one should. I graduated from QUT in 2009 and since then I’ve been working on Charlie, in between a stint in London and working.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I wanted to be an actress on either stage or screen, which I wanted to be right up until 2008 than it all changed once I started writing more! When I was really young I wanted to be a vet because I liked animals.

How did Charlie Magazine start? What was your inspiration?

Charlie Magazine started when I realised there wasn’t many publications to submit fashion and lifestyle features to. I guess seeing that Brisbane really needed something like that I decided to start my own. I was lucky that my boyfriend at the time was a web expert and that enabled me to get the site up pretty quickly. I never imagined it would take off so quickly – even before the first issue was out. Actually it still amazes me that I was able to produce one issue - let alone three!

What’s your favourite magazine at the moment?

I used to get every issue of Frankie for a few years but recently I’ve been reading Vogue, both Australian and British. I also really love UK Elle, but it is very hard to find here.

Who is your favourite writer/journalist?

I just finished reading Mia Freedman’s (former Editor of Cosmopolitan) book Mamma Mia and absolutely loved it. She really is one to look up to especially if you are someone who wants an amazing career and a family as well. In terms of writing, I always find I enjoy the work of freelances in national magazines more than the in house staff – as they are the ones most likely with more time to write the longer pieces. But I do enjoy Benjamin Law from Frankie and Emma Markezic who now writes for Cosmo and Shop til you Drop.

What is your wardrobe must have this season?

Haha I’ve already gone and bought myself a 70s inspired floppy hat as my winter replacement of the boater hat. But I definitely want some peep-toe lace up ankle boots and some leopard print pumps with socks. I seemed to have become a bit of an accessory lover.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
London! As much as I love Australia I have always felt at home in London whenever I’ve been there. It is such a big city and it would be a dream of mine to work on a fashion publication over there.

Where do you see Charlie Magazine in the future?

At the moment for Charlie it will all depend what happens in my own life as I don’t earn an income from it. Charlie has become such a big part of me over the past nine months and it would be very hard to give up and I absolutely love what it stands for. I will either try and develop it into an actual business (I think making the website more interactive would be the key) or find the perfect balance between Charlie and full time work.

Who is Charlie Magazine targeted at?

The reader audience I would say 18 – to mid 20s females (and some males) as it is very much to do with self exploration and all the experiences young adults have to face. But of course it is also for young creatives who want their work published.

How can budding writers, photographers etc become contributors of Charlie Magazine?
Either email myself ( with any ideas for features/shoots/artwork etc or email my lovely features editor Phoebe with feature ideas (

What was the inspiration behind the recent issue 'A girl can'?
Inspiration, hmmm I don’t think there is a particular thing. It’s more if something sounds good than I’m like yep I’ll develop that into something. I guess with A Girl Can, it was a little more personal than the other two, obviously with being a young woman I wanted to say we can do anything. Haha girl power I guess...

Any hints on what's in store for the next issue?

I’m brainstorming at the moment for the next one, which will probably come out either May or June. I’m hoping to develop the website a little more, so am considering an online store, but I will see. I want to do something a little different.

Who’s your style icon?

I had to think about this one for a while. The first is Sienna Miller, she is a clothes horse. Not only does she have her own unique look but I love that she has developed it into a successful label with her sister - a sign of true style icon. Secondly, Carrie Bradshaw, or more so the fashion creation of Patricia Fields and SJP. The character is so above fashion it is almost ridiculous, but I love it and if I could dress like that every day I would be a happy girl.

Which celebrity are you style crushing over at the moment?
I think I’m more crushing girls on the streets than an actual celebrity. I’m addicted to blog lovin’ and with all the fashion shows happening at the moment I find get more inspiration from the lesser known than the celebs.

Can you offer advice to those wanting to pursue a career in magazine journalism and editing?
You need to be passionate about what you do because there is going to be a lot of years of free work ahead – especially if you want to work in magazines or fashion. I think you need to want to do it for the right reasons and not because you think it is glamorous, otherwise you will end up disappointed. Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen the best thing you can do is create your own opportunities and try to build your portfolio as much as you can. But most of all just enjoy what you do, whether it is paid or not.

Make sure you stay tuned for issue 4 of Charlie Magazine, ‘Back to basics’ to be released mid this year. The issue will cover articles about the simple things in life and basic fashion must haves, amongst more. Fashion’s Sweethart loves Charlie Mag! Get reading at xo

Words by Jenna Henderson