Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspiration: Body Paint

When I think body paint, the first thing that pops into my head is suggestive nude photographs under a waterfall with streams of what bouncing off mermaid length hair and trickling over painted breasts, with barely there nipple covers holding trying to hide the model's fear of the cold.

This image I fear is what so many people associate with body paint, but there is so much more art out there. It is not all about suggestive art. Simple accessories such as necklaces can be 'painted' onto the body, and when it comes down to it tattoos are a form of permanent body paint. So last week, inspired by Miss Unkon body paint artist Becca Gilmartin, makeup artist Caroline Campbell covered my hand with a painted glove. Cute? Feminine? Or obscure? What are your thoughts on body paint?

Dotti Knit
Valleygirl Shorts
Supre Bandeau
Rubi Shoes

Makeup by Caroline Campbell
Photography by Kassidy Yang