Sunday, March 20, 2011

More than just a Skirt

Thessy Kouzoukas and Yiota Karalouka, the bloggers behind run a blog similar to that of Rumi Neely of FashionToast, documenting their favourite wardrobe choices and inspiration online. Last week the girls took their love for fashion a step, or several, further and released their online boutique of the same name. We had the chance to ask the girls a few questions about the boutique, blog and their many experiences with fashion.

1. Why an online shop? What inspired you to do it online?

Over the past few years we have become addicted to online shopping. Not only do you get a bigger selection of clothing choices from international shops, but the prices are almost always cheaper too. We think Australia has great fashion and we want to share it with the world.

2. What does Sabo Skirt have to offer the Sweet readers of FS?

The readers of your blog will not only have a great selection of detailed garments with a hint of grunge, but they will also be able to see many of the pieces styled throughout our blog post. Additionally, we are offering your readers 10% off any purchase they make Just use this code at the register: SABOFS

3. What are your credentials?

We both have business degrees, and have also got a lot of retail experience. And we have the advantage of being bloggers!

4. Will you continue blogging now that the shop is live?

Absolutely! The blog is still going to remain exactly the same - our space to show what we love to wear. Only, readers now have a chance to buy some of what they see from our shop!

5. Where do you girls gather inspiration from?

A numerous amount of internet portals, our surroundings and stylish celebrities.

6. How did you girls meet? Why go into business together?

We are basically family, and there is no one we trust more. We think that answers both questions!

7. Hot tip for the Brisbane fashionista?

Always make time to visit the other States of our Country, the fashion in Sydney and Melbourne is unbelievable and the shopping is great too! PS hottest winter buy - floor length cape!