Monday, March 21, 2011

Style Stalker #004: Fashion Panel

Want to make a living in fashion? Last Wednesday night at Alhambra Lounge the guys from Threaded brought student designers, marketing interns and fashionistas, a panel including buyers, designers and fashion marketing experts together to shine some light on the fashion industry. How do you get in, and how do you stay in? The two keys points of the night, for us at least, were "Networking with the right people" and "Get as much field experience as possible". Think you can make a living in fashion without doing some work for free? Think again. All of those on the panel worked for others for free at some point, and all of them do things for their jobs now that isn't paid. If you want to be in the fashion industry, you definately have to love it, and have the commitment. Who knows, the next Karl Lagerfeld could have been in that very audience.

Photography by Selby Pearce
Words by Claire Nada