Monday, March 28, 2011

Style Stalker: FTV vs THREADED

Claire & Rachel had the chance to attend two fabulous fashion events in Brisbane's CBD & Valley precinct. Last Saturday (19th March) FTV had their annual Full Moon Party at Jade Buddha. It featured fireworks, geisha girls and so so much seafood! Our style stalker Allyssa took a couple of photographs for us on the night (below) of some of our Sweetharts.

Meanwhile, on Friday night (25th March) we spent the night at Alhambra for Disco Entertainment's monthly Threaded event. This month Hype was the brand that was showcased on the catwalk, and although it was not nearly as busy as our Threaded party in February, it was still alot of fun. Very excited for next month's Threaded; we'll have more details soon.