Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Sweet Staple

I'm assuming you've noticed the new look to the Fashion's Sweethart homepage. It has been taken to orange from pink after all, as when the leaves fall we need a little something new to fall in love with, and to embrace. One afternoon last week Allanah & I took to the FS cupboard to find something that could be identified as the FS look for Autumn. Something that no matter what I wore day in and day out this item would give me some extra Autumn character. What could possibly be my staple for the new season? Heaven knows a straw hat with a black ribbon from Dotti gave me such excitement last season.

It had to be versatile. It had to encompass my new found love for masculine chic. It had to be sweet! This is where this gray boyfriend cardigan from Cotton On comes into play. You will, without a doubt, see this piece on the website throughout Autumn. The great part about it? It's actually a men's cardigan; straight from the men's section of Cotton On. This piece is visible in the website banner at the top of the screen, as it was in our What's Mine Is Yours article, and will be in many more to come. Can't wait to play around with this piece in the coming months, and see just how versatile it can be.

What is your Autumn staple?

Cotton On cardigan
Forever New stockings
Rubi Shoes boots
Loot Homewares flower
Diva earrings

Photography by Allanah Hockam
Makeup by Sarah Gibson