Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's Mine is Yours

Have you noticed a change in the sex of our wardrobe? Women are taking to the streets dressed as they would have their partner dress, or perhaps with a minor touch of masculinity so her own style does not fall lost to this adaption. Yes, men are taking over our wardrobes. This trance began for myself with a chambray men's shirt, and has continued with loose pants, printed tank shirts and lots of buttoned pieces.

To work these pieces into your look, without looking too much like your partner, mix them with a pair of high heels or neutral coloured wedges. Wear statement shirts with bright colours, instead of the drab plain gray that seems so easy to throw on over jeans.

Shirt from Big W HIS
Pants from Cotton On Body
Scarf from Rubi Shoes
Shoes from Windsor Smith
Earring from Diva

Shirt from Cotton On HIS
Pants from Cotton On Body
Shoes by Rubi Shoes
Tie from Tarocash HIS

Shirt from Industrie
Jeans from Ally x
Vest from Dotti
Shoes from Rubi Shoes

Bandeau from Supre
Tank from Cotton On HIS
Shorts from Temt
Cardigan from Cotton On HIS
Shoes from Rubi Shoes

Shirt from Big W HIS
Shorts from Valleygirl
Shoes from Rubi Shoes

Makeup by Sarah Gibson
Photography by Allanah Hockam