Thursday, April 7, 2011

4017 the perfect piece to your dream wedding.

With the royal wedding to take place on the 29th of April, it is no surprise that Australian couples are fast tracking their own nuptials to coincide. These couples, though they are to organise their wedding in what some would call a rush, are no doubt planning the day of a lifetime. The flowers, the guests, the music, and of course the reception, and where better to hold your wedding reception than Sandgate’s new 4017 Bar & Grill?

Under new management the 4017 has set upstairs up to hold functions, such as wedding receptions, birthdays and graduation celebrations, with features such as decorative fireplaces and two balconies. Not to mention there is also a park across the road that is perfect to take photos to help you cherish your big day.

4017 has a flexible menu, where you can choose from a selection of main meals or appetizers for your function. They are more than happy to give you a tour of the venue and discuss a menu suitable to your event. Terry Parker, the current manager, believes that his venue has “quality food at reasonable prices, fast and efficient service and an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly.” How can we argue with that? Get your seating charts ready ladies, this may well be the piece to your wedding puzzle that you’ve been looking for.

Where am I located? 1 Bowser Parade, Sandgate
How do I find out more? Phone the manager on; 07 3869 0606
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Bridal dresses supplied by Hilde Heim
Makeup by Sarah Gibson
Photography by Kassidy Yang
Models: Zachary Zascada (MMA), Matthew Storer, Stacey Zanchetta, Kiani Leia Heaslip (CAMM), Claire Nada