Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Experiment

Last Thursday, Holy Thursday, I decided to wear my lace bunny ears that I purchased from Dotti last year, to see what sort of reaction I received. It was an interesting day, with a variety of different reactions, expressions and a few random people asking to take photos of the bunny rabbit. I also managed to find another bunny hopping around Queen Street Mall and we high-fived, joked about our ears and wished one another Happy Easter before going about our day.

I honestly kept forgetting they were on my head, and was then reminded by a small child pointing at me, an adolescent girl staring at my head awkwardly, or the train ceiling being shorter than I was. I wore them all day, minus a mere two hours spent working at a bar in Brisbane where I was bluntly told they would not be allowed as part of my outfit. *sad bunny*


Photography - Tiana Jade
Jacket, Blouse & Ears - Dotti