Monday, April 25, 2011

Steal a piece of him

I’m sitting, waiting for my grande caramel skim latte to be placed on the bench, the name "Audrey" being screamed out by a short brunette in a messy cocoa infested uniform; watching the coming and going of businessmen, young families and fashion savvy socialites. As the clock ticks by and I take in the characteristics of those who are unaware of my pleasure in watching them, I spot a trend. There, of course, are so many trends flying in and out of my local starbucks hub, but there is only one that makes my heart flutter, my cheeks grow warm and my wallet already feel dutifully empty. These women are not cocooning in warm trench coats, nor are they prancing in this season’s maxi, instead what catches my eye is those women who appear to be dressed in men’s clothing.

Queen Elizabeth did it, Joan Jett did it, now we’re doing it, and most of us don’t even realise it. Women’s liberation if it were, has gone one step further through fashion; it’s not just about being able to work or a right to day care, we’re pushing the boundaries of fashion and raiding our men’s wardrobes as well. Just think, they can’t wear our skirts or dresses, yet we’re strutting around in their ties and buttoned corporate shirts.

It may be subtle, but whether you’re a poor university student or a determined career woman, or anything in between you’ve no doubt ironed that crisp white shirt or those spacious denim jeans. Take it a step further and you may have at one stage accidently put his jeans in your wardrobe thinking they were yours. It’s a common trait of human society that we begin to dress as those we see often, and perhaps this is just our way of showing the world that we mix with men on a regular occasion, or as I mentioned before, that we have superiority and have a choice in dress.

Models: Ashlee Francis + Claire Nada
Words: Claire Nada