Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A new currency for Fashion

Anyone in today's tech-savvy environment knows that the internet is the place to go, to be, to experience, to explore, to SHOP! Yes, we've caught the online shopping bug, but it's not just about buying a vintage Chanel bag from Ebay or having your latest purchase from Princess Polly sent to your house. There are some pieces, exclusive pieces, that can only be bought online. So if you're not online, you're missing out.

What's the go?
Designers are going online so that they don't have to pay for rent space in a shopping centre, or for staff to process sales at a register. Other designers are only just getting their name out there, and may not have the finances or the time to open their own store. This is where Samuel Smith and Scott Gowdie come into play, bringing us Fashion Democracy, an online boutique which is aimed at helping young designers sell their product, without much hassle at all. FD is currently scouting new designers to sell their collections on the website, which will be up and running next month.

The new business is taking online fashion to a new level, providing designers with so much more than a simple customer/retailer transaction. Brisbane should be prepared to see Fashion Democracy pouring into their search engines over the next few months, because these young men are fighting for these emerging designers right to bring their product to you as my favourite little Brisbane Sweetharts.

Fashion Democracy