Monday, May 30, 2011

One piece, endless possibilities

As I'm constantly working on photo shoots, or styling runway shows, I am well aware of the fact that as a stylist I have access to all these different pieces and quite often I have an assistant's second opinion when putting outfits together. There are also those instances where the designers styles the clothes for the shoot before I even receive them to use.

Stylists are very lucky in the way that there are so many clothes and accessories at their fingertips when preparing an outfit, whereas in most cases our readers, those who are inspired by these very outfits, don't have quite this luxury. This is when mix n match outfits come into play, and it only takes one item to change up an outfit entirely. Check out these three quick, easy, inexpensive ways to expand on a simple pair of jeans and singlet.

Models; Claire Nada + Cassie E
Photographer; Allanah Hockam
Makeup Artist; Kathryn Rose

Jumpers from Lee (General Pants Co) & Hollister

Jackets from Ally & Cotton On

Scarves from Cotton On & Dotti

What's your favourite piece to pair with jeans?