Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stockings Class 101

There is one thing that always makes it's way into my winter survival kit, no matter what 'fashion fad' I am going through that season; Stockings! I simply can not live without my stockings during the cooler months of the year. I wear them with dresses, with skirts, and at times I even layer them underneath pants for a little bit of extra warmth. So just how should you wear these amazing essentials? To keep your dignity whilst layering up read on for our top five stockings dos + donts.

Do opt for a pair of high denier stockings when purchasing black, for a more finished look. Anything below 70% denier will leave your stockings looking dirty black or grey. Also, keep in mind your size. Sometimes you may need a higher denier rating if you are tall or have rounded thighs.

Don't wear a dress with pantyhose that shows off the stocking's waist finish. This is both tacky, and beaconing trouble. You should not be able to see the lighter (or in some cases) darker band that is connected to the top of the stockings (the suck-me-in section).

Do embrace stockings when out on the town. Girls appear to be scared of throwing on a pair of stockings under their clubbing dresses, but it's much better to be warm and have a good night, then go home early for the sake of "looking sexy". Besides, stockings add so much to an outfit that goose bumps will never provide.

Don't wear stockings with denim shorts. Choose which team you're batting for, either stockings or shorts. If you want to freeze go right ahead and wear the shorts, but don't wear them together. It often shows off the top waist band of pantyhose, and it makes you look like a school girl headed off to a dress up sports carnival.

Don't wear your stockings with peeptoe shoes. It draws away from the shoes, and the outfit. Instead opt for toeless stockings (found at Myer) or a closed toe heel/wedge.

Makeup, Styling + Words - Claire Nada
Model - Tiana Jade
Photography - Selby Pearce
Headbands - Lace by Selby Cait

Sweater Dress - Universal
Shoes - Rubi Shoes

Dress - General Pants Co.
Belt - Dotti
Shoes - Model's own

Skirt - Dotti
Tank - Cotton On
Boots - Rubi Shoes