Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sydney Weekender: FS style

Rosemount Fashion Week was coming to a close, Shop til you drop's Fashion Weekend had yet to begin, and there I was in Sydney, right in the middle of all the chaos of what is a renowned fashion hub of Australia. Forget Brisbane fashion, these girls and guys know how to kick it on the street, and than there's the most delectable winter coats crossing the road on women with perfectly sculptured hair, makeup, nails, the whole gig.

Why was I in Sydney? To shop of course, to eat too much, and to take a breather from Brisbane. The fact that there was a major fashion event going on right at my door step may have added to the intrigue, if not just a little (and in a few days you shall read Elsie's wrap up of the Fashion Week festivities). Though I came with a pretty superficial excuse, I left with a different impression of Sydney. It's said that when you travel alone you experience the most, and I find this to be of the utmost truth.

It was just me on the airplane, reading InStyle on the way down, and The Great Gatsby on my return. It was just me at Pitt Street Mall, with a few thousand other shoppers, taking my time to look at what I wanted to look, and skip that which didn't take my fancy. It was just me when I got lost and ended up at Kings Cross, enjoying the idea that I could see the strip in the daylight. It was just me when I visited Macquarie University, and became captivated by their ridiculously huge library... not to mention the campus! It was me, doing as i wished, with my mobile off for hours at a time as to not be interrupted. It was bliss. I have never felt so free, and fabulous in all my life as I did when I took to a table at the Lindt Cafe to enjoy a Brunch for one. The confidence inside me just came out, and girls, it felt so good.

All that said I was not staying alone; I did have a housemate by the name of Jessica who I spent my evenings with, whether it was veged out in front of the television, scoffing on chinese takeaway food or enjoying Pancakes on the Rocks at Darling Harbour. One of the things most talked about between us was shopping and makeup, oh and clothes, lots and lots of clothes. She's the kind of girl who buys something because she couldn't live without it, then throws it in the wardrobe and keeps it there, fresh with tag for months before it comes out. I had a great time with her. So, whether you're travelling to Sydney on business, alone or with friends, here is my guide on the Hot Spots, the Food, the Shops, the Fashion. I've also included a photo diary of my trip to Sydney; random things that I thought you might like.

Oliver Brown - Sydney's equivalent to Southbank's Max Brenner
Pancakes on the Rocks - busy, lively, serving pancakes and pizza
Lindt Cafe - 3 locations. Martin place made a mean hot chocolate
Hudsons Coffee - Also in Brisbane, never disappoints

Pitt St Mall
Covers a wide compass of boutiques, chain stores, designer pop up stores and department stores. Check out Fleur Wood, Chanel and Gucci for some amazing clothes, even if a bag is a month's earnings. Sportsgirl had the friendliest staff, and the best bargains. Oh, and the amount of General Pants Co. stores are definitely not a rarity (they're practically corner stores down under)

Chatswood Westfield is the Sydney equivalent to Chermside shopping centre, only bigger, a whole five storeys of chain store heaven, and lots and lots of chocolate cafes! Sydney is just crazy about their chocolate cafes, I hope it catches on up here soon (one cafe is simply not enough). Chatswood Chase, across from the Westfield is of a more esteemed demeanour, with designers boutiques in place of chains and a big David Jones parading the very latest in fashion, electronics, etc.

Macquarie Westfield is directly across from the Macquarie University, and has it's very own train station. It's a humble Westfield in the eyes of a Chatswood regular, however I found it quite charming and managed to pick up an amazing dress for this Friday night's Threaded show at Alhambra.

St. Mary's Cathedral
Hyde Park
Luna Park
The Opera House
Kings Cross
Australian Museum
Darling Harbour

Layered scarves in different colours draped over a neutral sweater dress or trench coat : Camel Coats : Sheer Stockings : Pastel Nails : Big Rings or Fingers full of little ones : White head to toe with camel accessories : Tailored coats such as a trench or a military inspired piece : Blunt Hair Fringes : Hair out rather than in an undo : Office Satchels

Where to next? Melbourne of course ;]