Sunday, June 26, 2011

The art of packing: Girl's weekend

This weekend, I've taken off to Melbourne to enjoy all things shopping, chocolate and fantastic catchups with the girls. As with all adventures, packing is one of the things that I had to come to terms with. What to pack, what not to pack, how to pack, how to plan outfits ahead, and so forth. I thought I should provide a little of what to bring for a mini break away with the girls. I've included photographs of my own suitcase and it's several levels of glory.

- 2 pairs of shoes: don't bring too many, and bring what you'll wear with your outfits. don't bring ballet flats simply because they would go with everything in your wardrobe, bring the shoes that will go with many things in your suitcase. -

- 1 pair of jeans: comfortable, chic and versatile. Throw in a couple of jumpers or cute shirts to match up with these -

- Basic accessories: bangles, a watch, a pendant necklace can be added to your outfit at the last minute -

- Charges: Phone, ipod, laptop if you're bringing it along too, these will no doubt be necessary at some point -

- Printed frock: a printed dress can lift any mood, and if perfect to either wear out for lunch or dressed up at night. Perfect day to night piece -

- Big coat: trench or camel, this baby can be thrown on many stylish ensembles.

- A couple of pairs of stockings: I packed two pairs for four days, as I'll be bringing along pants as well -

- Hair brush, straightener + toiletries: You don't need everything in your bathroom, but if you straighten your hair usually, it couldn't hurt to bring it along. -

Don't bother with
[unless you have been notified that you will not have access to these things]

- iron -
- hairdryer -
- towel -
- pillow -