Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playing with Cotton

Photographer Selby Pearce, creator of the latest style stalker blog Cotton Reel sat down with us earlier this week to discuss her blog, photography and her most loved fashion trends.

1. What is cotton reel?
Cotton Reel is a Brisbane Fashion blog combining my two loves, Fashion and Photography. It is inspired by similar blogs such as The Satorialist and Facehunter but aiming to be different with styled fashion shoots and giveaways.

2. What is the birth story of cotton reel?

It is actually a university assignment for my Digital Publishing class and is worth 50% of my marks however I have always wanted to start a street style blog so it's something I want to continue on.

3. Studying photography at uni, is it the camera or the editing that makes a photo?

We are taught that photoshop can not fix a bad photograph so everything we shoot has to be perfect and photoshop only enhances images.

4. What is the crucial difference between fashion and other threads of photography?

Fashion is such a broad category. There is commercial, runway, catalogue and editorial. In all cases you are trying to sell the clothing and convince the viewer that they need these items to achieve their desired look. It's difficult to do and so many elements need to come together to produce something amazing!

5. You also make headbands; If you had to choose between photography and design?
Photography is first and foremost. Initially I only started making headbands and sewing to have something to photograph!

6. favourite hub for fashion trends?

I love going to fashion events such as Threaded. It is always attended by well dressed girls and boys.

7. Your favourite trend circulating in Brisbane this season?

Faux fur vests are so cute when done right however I cant pull it off!

8. Your worst, most hideous fashion faux pas?

I was so badly dressed when I was younger. Mum allowed me to express myself and wear whatever I liked! I have hideous photos of me in a bright green Pumkin Patch shirt and a patterned blue and white dress over top. I probably wore another colour stockings and some funny shoes as well!