Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet out on the town

I've had a couple of queries recently as to what to wear out on the town during the cooler months, that isn't too heavy. I completely understand the feeling of being freezing outside in a little dress and heels, preparing for the warmth of the steamy nightclub. I have also experienced those months of being completely rugged up, only to burn up with I move indoors.

What I would suggest to get the best of both words is three things:
Cardigan, Stockings, Boots

Before you do anything else, warm your feet up with stockings and closed in shoes. Berets and beanies may also be included in the equation. Recently at Lambda's 1st Birthday, I wore a spring dress from Mombasa with opaque stockings and these amazing boots from Rubi shoes.

Photographs by Selby Pearce