Sunday, June 5, 2011

Threaded: Grand Scheme

Friday night was the Threaded: Grand Scheme Fashion Show at Alhambra Lounge, which also featured dj’s such as the Gold Coast duo – Sure Cut Kids, Rhythm & Cutloose, Charlie Hustle, Paul Master & MC Kitch, and Slynk.

The music was pumping, as usual, thanks to the talented featured deejays of the night and you can’t forget the drinks, of course they kept coming! There was an array of styles in last nights crowd – with a clear trend showing amongst the lovely ladies; velvet, leather and the faux fur vest! Everyone chit-chatted, danced and drank for wait for the Grand Scheme fashion show – where the boys looked clean and sophisticated but still keeping with the streetwear style. Grand Scheme clothing couldn’t have chosen a better venue to have had their fashion show – the crowd loved them! GRAND SCHEME - a label to definitely watch out for kids.

Words + Photos by Allyssa Lualhati