Saturday, July 23, 2011

9 pieces, 5 outfits

Are you going away on a holiday and only able to take carry luggage with you? Perhaps you're just after some new ways to mix up your wardrobe. The girls are Fashion's Sweethart put their heads together to devise a nice, easy, yet classicly stylish way to mix and match the staples of this season's wardrobe. Thanks to model Alice Pye, makeup artist Sarah Gibson, stylist Claire Nada and photographer Kassidy Yang, we came up with these five sweet outfits. Tip number one; a black slip can easily make the transition to tank top. ♥

What we used

High waisted Maxi Skirt (in navy)
Camel Coat (with belt attached)
Tan skinny belt
Half-sleeve Blazer (mustard)
Black lace wedges
White buttoned blouse
Black slip dress (worn as both shirt & undergarment)
Pink lightweight scarf
Black highwaisted skinny jeans