Monday, July 4, 2011

Fashion Democracy with Scott Gowdie

Fashion Democracy directors Scott Gowdie and Samuel Smith felt the need for somewhere that emerging designers could sell their products, and get their name heard. With their online boutique offically launching on the 16th of July at an exclusive event in Brisbane, Scott sat down with Fashion's Sweethart to tell us a little bit about Fashion Democracy.

What is Fashion Democracy? Where did the idea originate from?
We started Fashion Democracy to help emerging designers get a start in the industry. The idea started when Sam and I were talking to a friend and designer- Jimmi Paige. After a short discussion regarding her brand and presence in the market place we came to terms with the effort and time required for emerging designers to succeed. We then started thinking that she mustn't be the only person having this problem, So we started the website with emerging designers and the consumer in mind.

To launch our Nation-wide brand, on the 16 July 2011 we are holding our launch party at a secret location. With a warehouse theme, the launch party will be massive, a $10,000 light & sound show 2 Fashion Parades, 3 DJ's, an after-party at Alhumbra Lounge and so much more. This is a great opportunity for any designer to showcase their artwork to a tailored fashion savvy audience for free!

Who does FD cater for?
Fashion Democracy caters for all emerging designers. We dont discriminate like alot of other online boutiques. We will take any range of clothing, both mens and womens, whether its Tops, Swimwear, Shoes or even Scarfs we're ready to take them on and help them get there gear out there.

So, why young "upcoming" designers?
We aren't about the big names that are selling hundreds of each product. We like that unique factor that only emerging designers bring to the table. They are leading the way and are what pushes that unique style foward, and we're excited to be apart of that.

Young Designer?
Email for more information