Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashion Week in the eyes of a PR student

Greetings from the glorious aftermath of Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.

This year, I spent most of MBFF developing absurd sleeping patterns, pages full of messy sketches and an insatiable appetite for local design.

Also, the location of the riverside runway was great in terms of proximity to my favourite churro stand at the Southbank markets! But enough about gorging on calorie dipped delights, instead I'd like to serve Fashion Sweetharts with a selection of summery satorial treats (guilt-free, with no trace of a sickly aftertaste).

At FS Editor Claire's request, I disregarded my complete lack of personal coolness and instead trend-spotted my top three runway looks, inspired by the ingenuity of the local retailers and fashion labels who lit up the runway each night. Full post available here

Keep Sweet