Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodbye Mono, Oh Hello Fashion

R'n'b beats.
Platform heels.
Abnormally curled hair.
Margarita Jars.
Short Skirts.
Bright Colours.
Musical Chairs.

Oh Hello is certainly a brand spanking new space, which has taken the values, the music and the legacy of Monastery and thrown it all away. Personally, as someone who ventured to Monastery (or Mono as the regulars call it) on a regular occasion when i first turned eighteen, I feel that a part of the Fortitude Valley society has been lost. Afterall there is no other place quite like Mono in the Fortitude Valley precinct. Luckily for us, Oh Hello is shouting out to the fashion-victims, vintage-adoring & dancing-queens, with new fashion shows featuring some of Brisbane's most popular up and coming designers & boutiques. Last Friday the venue launched it's "OH HELLO FASHION" project with a runway show featuring Soot, Zhou and Neon Heartache. Neon Heartache has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now so it was great to see the new collection, as well as be introduced to the new collections of these other great fashion outlets.

The event's downfall was that the show was probably a little too late (approximately 11:30) and that all three brands were shown at the same time, when they could have been separated by intermissions and begun sooner. Other than that I had quite a splendid time with Bianca of Sargasso Sea drinking red lemonade and talking about blazers, blogs and boys. Can't wait to see what this new venue comes up with next!

Keep It Sweet