Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Sweethart Speaks Out

What is a blog? Generally a blog is an outlet for people to rant about their hobbies, loves, hopes and dreams; their passions, whether they exist in the fashion "industry" or another "industry". There's a whole realm of fashion blogs, and as more and more pop up it becomes increasingly harder to remain the top of the chain when using your blog as a way of advertising products and services. When I first began Fashion's Sweethart in 2008, I was in year twelve at high school, I had a job at the local cinemas, was boy crazy and in love with money. Clothing was where my love for money ended and my love for fashion began, shoes weren't yet a passion, although my handbag collection seemed to grow with each pay packet. Fashion's Sweethart was my way of expressing this newfound passion for clothing, trends and at first the history behind the way people, in particular women use clothing as a way to "individualise".

It wasn't until the second addition of the blog that it became what it is today. I worked with a new modelling agency, marketing firm, events company and an array of designers which sprouted a client/patron relationship kept together by Fashion's Sweethart. A business number was soon mine and it was, as some would say, a very quick overnight transition; from this blog with reviews, reflections and do-it-yourself "sweet outfits" to campaign photo shoots and runway shows. It was my addiction, but with the hustle, the bustle and the pain of what this generation regard as "the industry" (spending a lot of time and effort working for free for other people who work for free to make very little money, or no money at all) has gotten me shaken.

Recently, as few of you would know, I have graduated from a degree in history and communications and have taken up a full time job working at a Nine West flagship store. I've settled into adult life with my amazing boyfriend and a very supportive group of friends and family. Given my new outlook, that Fashion's Sweethart is a blog - NOT A CAREER - I will be going back to my roots somewhat. More reflections, more Claire-ness, less of what other people regard as "selling out", this Fashion's Sweethart will be going back to basics as of December 2011!

Never fear I'll still be doing shoots, and advertising local businesses, but there will be less of them. I want to love this again, not just do it because i have to.

Keep it Sweet